Native of mouambong Bakossi in the south-west of Cameroon (country of the indomitable lions), Africa in miniature, SENGE is an atypical artist who composes and sings mainly in pidgin (slang of English very popular in English-speaking Africa).
Her passion for musical art was born during her High School years at Prebysterian High School of Kumba (PHS) and Lycée Bilingue de Deido in Douala where she was impressed by young and beautiful singers who were the darlings of the chest.
She spends part of her childhood on the border between Cameroon and Nigeria. And most of it is lived between the two anglophone and francophone zones of Cameroon. She is lulled by the music of Michael Jackson, Sam Fantomas, Nkodo Sitony or Dolly Patton.
These various musical colors are undoubtedly the basis on which her inspiration rests because her music is a cultural ballad, sometimes punctuated by funk-disco, Bikutsi or rocked by a soft folklore or even slows embellished with blues.

With simple texts, Senge (strainer in bakossi) expresses the apprehensions of the simple people very often exposed in the present society to the influences and undesirable habits of the third parties in songs like “see ya life” The latter to move away from it.

Love being the center of everything, her music is a cry from the heart to God, to whom she always asks to guide her steps towards her own and towards the men and women in trouble. The comfort that her warm and pure voice brings to souls in pain is for her the greatest success.

2017 will see her debut album debuted in 2016 through the single “Tabala”. But there are things that do not tell each other, that do not miss, but that live. A new page of African music opens.

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